Verify [verb]

Definition of Verify:

confirm, validate

Synonyms of Verify:

Opposite/Antonyms of Verify:

Sentence/Example of Verify:

Pausing only to verify the number, he sprang up the steps and found the bell-button.

Look closely to the spelling of proper names and verify titles.

There was not a waiter in the house who would not verify that statement on oath.

This, about the discovery of America, however, I can not verify with anything from Sanchuniathon.

She had calculated correctly that he would not go out to verify her account.

We may be able to add a good deal to them from our own experience, and we may verify them by it.

Then he plunged into the enclosure, to verify in mortification that Dr. Blood was not at home.

My dear boy, I intend to tell you all that I know and can verify.

You could, however, recognize it, and be able to verify your signature?

I am able, as well as any man, to verify the truth of this axiom.