Demonstrate [verb]

Definition of Demonstrate:

display, show

Synonyms of Demonstrate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demonstrate:

Sentence/Example of Demonstrate:

Emotional AI assistants, though relatively nascent, could provide mental-health support and have been demonstrated to improve the social skills of autistic children.

Early adopters of Instagram demonstrated that if you can find the right strategy to leverage the platform during its initial days, you can easily become the top influencer and monetize your success.

Nor has China’s leadership demonstrated much sympathy for Zhang’s dilemma.

Scientists will have to show extensive data demonstrating that off-target edits are rare, and that the early development of genetically-altered embryos is similar to non-edited ones in the lab.

The third is that they should be able to demonstrate that they fulfill both criteria by measuring and reporting their performances against them.

With many vaccines now being tested in clinical trials, we believe it is important to affirm for people everywhere that we will only move forward with regulators to make a vaccine available to them when the data demonstrate it is safe and effective.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration also wants to demonstrate the potential for “in-situ resource utilization,” or using locally sourced materials for future space missions, it said Thursday.

In the current environment, junior gold miners are also likely to increasingly demonstrate their commitment to reporting ESG data, shifting the overall perception of the sector.

Taken together, they demonstrate how Facebook has become an integral piece of the American democratic process — but one that is controlled by the decisions of a private corporation, which can set rules in its own interest.

For the subsoil of the whole country is very rich, as trees of immense size and height readily demonstrate.