Misrepresent [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Misrepresent:

And so the organ that represented the one, could not fail to misrepresent the other.

A fakir because you misrepresent, and a fool because you do not begin to understand the people.

We are quite sure that he would not stoop to misrepresent it.

First, because so to state it is to misrepresent the entire case.

But you misrepresent it—there are modifying facts in the case.

I know he does not intend to misrepresent me or other gentlemen.

No battle is ever fought that it is not for somebody's interest to misrepresent.

It would be difficult to misrepresent the case more completely.

Perhaps I did misrepresent slightly the state of the parental exchequer.

You begin by a harsh and worldly judgment, and it leads you to misrepresent all that follows.