Cheese [noun]

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Digging back into these old cookbooks is an opportunity to eschew the fatphobic, classist expectations that govern what is “good” and “bad” food and just eat the damn fake cheese.

Every public-health measure to limit the spread of a virus “is like a layer of Swiss cheese,” Blaisdell says.

It’s the stacking of “multiple layers of cheese on top of each other that close those holes,” she says.

We want to end your pain and suffering by offering you some options for precise pizza cutters that can cut through even the thickest layer of cheese.

“Every public health layer is like a layer of Swiss cheese with a hole in it,” Blaisdell says.

Swap in legumes for meat, blend up nuts or seeds to replace cheese, and load that meal with as many different veggies as you can so it feels interesting and complete.

Aristide lived on bread and cheese, and foresaw the time when cheese would be a sinful luxury.

A bailee received some cheese and gave a receipt slating that it was to be kept at the owner's risk of loss from water.

Coals!what would he do with coals?Toast his cheese with em, and then come back for more.

The brown loaf was cut by a very excited little hostess into five thick squares; the cheese into four.