Hero [noun]

Definition of Hero:

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Synonyms of Hero:

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Sentence/Example of Hero:

Moving into a new apartment is like playing hero to yourself.

The hoops intelligentsia has, for the most part, weighed the case for hero ball and ruled against it.

The three-part series is packed with horror and action and follows a demented Deadpool as he attempts to rid the Marvel universe of heroes.

In the newest phase of the crisis, it is less evident who the heroes are.

Our heroes are the ones who have walked intentionally toward social good, amplifying unheard voices and embracing inconvenience in exchange for more just outcomes for all.

It’s a little bit like I set a house on fire, then I’m the hero who calls in the fire to the fire department.

His hero, Gulliver, discovers race after race of beings who typify the genera in his classification of mankind.

General Lachambre, as the hero of Cavite, followed to receive the applause which was everywhere showered upon him in Spain.

El Imparcial maintained that he was worthy of being honoured as a 19th century conquering hero.

He stood, with the air of a hero, both arms extended towards the amazed pair of lovers.