Torpedo [noun]

Definition of Torpedo:

murderer of prominent or important person

Synonyms of Torpedo:

Opposite/Antonyms of Torpedo:


Sentence/Example of Torpedo:

This time the Majestic was taken as the target for a torpedo and she went down.

He grabbed a handful of shirt on the first torpedo and poked his face down.

If he could get close enough he might be able to use his torpedo tubes.

The Arethusa had also come up and prepared (p. 256) to launch a torpedo.

With what torpedo chill have you touched the sinews of that manly arm?

Meno complains that the conversation of Socrates has the effect of a torpedo's shock upon him.

He has had the 'torpedo's shock' given him, and is the better for the operation.

By a torpedo, then, which could be launched some distance away?

From this place our aviators returned to Sebastopol on a torpedo boat.

When a torpedo is lowered into the sea, the wound it makes in the water is soon healed.