Guerrilla [noun]

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Obfuscation tactics are a sort of guerrilla warfare approach to the lack of privacy protections.

In the face of the military onslaught, Sharpe soon lost control of his followers, and what followed were weeks of guerrilla fighting, crop burning and executions of resisters.

Although the federal government now controls key towns in the region, the conflict still continues within its urban areas, with TPLF shifting to a guerrilla battle tactics.

He organized men from Jones, Jasper, Covington and Smith counties into a guerrilla band known as the Knight Company.

Newsjacking is one of the varieties of guerrilla marketing that provides unobtrusive advertising.

From the very first of the war their work was to help exterminate the guerrilla bands which infested the State.

The guerrilla loss he reported at fifty-two left dead on the field and one hundred and twenty-five wounded.

He is said to be making for Kirksville, where he expects to be joined by the guerrilla bands of northwestern Missouri.

With a groan and a curse the guerrilla chieftain yielded himself a prisoner.

The new day had hardly begun when the guerrilla hordes poured down on Foster's little army, confident of an easy victory.