Mercenary [adjective]

Definition of Mercenary:

greedy for money

Synonyms of Mercenary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mercenary:

Sentence/Example of Mercenary:

De Launay was rich, of course, but he did not believe that mademoiselle was mercenary.

Is it that I am honored by having this mercenary drunkard for a husband?

But the most objectionable thing in the mass is its mercenary character.

But let us not waste time or thought on commercial or mercenary craft.

They resolved to collect bodies of mercenary troops, both infantry and horse.

She was not selfish or mercenary––not consciously selfish or mercenary.

"You are a low-minded, mercenary creature," said O'Shea, oratorically.

Indeed, the only tie that bound him to his aunt was a mercenary one.

This was clearly not due to any mercenary motives on the part of men enlisting.

It cannot matter what my feelings were, and I never was mercenary.