Unscrupulous [adjective]

Definition of Unscrupulous:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unscrupulous:

Sentence/Example of Unscrupulous:

Now it was another and older man, daring, intelligent, unscrupulous.

She had wept because she was heroic and unscrupulous and full of love for both her children.

Some were so unscrupulous as to bring their lunches with them.

Unscrupulous employers often endeavor to control the votes of their employes.

He looked what he was: a bold and unscrupulous leader of his men.

What can a girl of that age do in the hands of unscrupulous villains like these?

And the stimulant she found in the savage wooing of his unscrupulous rival.

Even then the profit of the unscrupulous money lender had been enormous.

Her theory was that they should turn themselves into unscrupulous sexless nuisances.

But you surely knew how unscrupulous he was, and also that he was a most dangerous character.