Questionable [adjective]

Definition of Questionable:

doubtful, uncertain

Opposite/Antonyms of Questionable:

Sentence/Example of Questionable:

Not Najma this questionable companion, but one as dear to Khalid.

"I thought maybe he were a friend," said the stranger, with questionable veracity.

And which among the components of happiness and well-being can possibly be questionable?

Only for a moment, and then he continued the questionable pleasure of following her.

No message in cipher, nor any that is at all questionable, must be sent or delivered.

The publication of inferior research results is of questionable value.

"That is the worst of it," says Luttrell, with questionable taste, biting his moustache.

Indeed, he had been unearthed from a midnight carouse at a questionable restaurant.

In such a crowd there will naturally be questionable personages.

If our models of conduct and morals are questionable, our conduct and morals will be of like type.