Moot [adjective]

Definition of Moot:

doubtful, arguable

Synonyms of Moot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moot:

Sentence/Example of Moot:

The use of phonetic transcription, however, is a moot question.

The etymology of the word koldun is still, I believe, a moot point.

The actual temperature of the moon's surface by day is a moot point.

The question of a tonsilectomy had been a moot one for years.

Elizabeth Foulkes was the last prisoner tried in the Moot Hall.

The great hall of the Moot Hall in Colchester was filling rapidly.

He was commissioned to carry the writ down to the Moot Hall.

Is there any way from your rooms to the upper floors of the Moot Hall?

When the nurse truly connects with the other, liking the other becomes a moot issue.

It is a moot question as to who can claim the title of esquire.