Suspect [adjective]

Definition of Suspect:


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Sentence/Example of Suspect:

I suspect that she was the means of influencing so large a purchase.

"I suspect that I have been deceived," said Mr. Morgan, gravely.

I suspect man has more to do with the unmaking than the making of either.

He began to suspect that he was being cheated into listening to a Bible story.

Like Hamlet, too, this Richard is quick to suspect even his friends' loyalty.

There was no surer way to make her suspect it than by bringing Sidney home.

I suspect that she dared not lift her head for fear I might see the laughter in her eyes.

He had feared to meet her—something in his presence might cause her to suspect that something was wrong.

I began to suspect that it was you who made everything so interesting.

I must tell you, then, that you have still more cause for jealousy than you suspect.