Unbelievable [adjective]

Definition of Unbelievable:

beyond the imagination

Opposite/Antonyms of Unbelievable:

Sentence/Example of Unbelievable:

What a strange night it had been for Hester—more like some unbelievable romance!

Out of her presence what I had seen was unthinkable, unbelievable.

If Danny was right he had no words to fit the unbelievable truth.

The idea that she should even think of marrying a play-actor was unbelievable.

Outside the south windows he witnessed an unbelievable thing.

Haldgren, it seemed, could not recover from the effects of this unbelievable fact.

And then things had happened swiftly—incredible, unbelievable things.

It seemed to him unbelievable that he could have lived and been content before he met Joan.

I had pounced on the unbelievable thing, and called to Edwards for his light.

The situation was fantastic, nightmarish, unbelievable and undeniable.