Flimsy [adjective]

Definition of Flimsy:

not strong; light, thin

Synonyms of Flimsy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flimsy:

Sentence/Example of Flimsy:

At under nine ounces per shoe, they feel flimsy out of the box, but even after a couple hundred miles they still have plenty of life.

Then there’s the reality that we are living in a global pandemic with a flimsy-at-best path to recovery.

When it comes to looking at CBD for pain relief, the research is even more flimsy.

On one of the planes, the only thing separating the infected from the non-infected was a flimsy plastic sheet.

The long-awaited tech antitrust report that the US Congress released on October 6 presents a remarkably flimsy case for action against the nation’s most innovative and competitive companies.

That is a very flimsy pretext, so that the fiscals may not perform their duties faithfully against the governor.

But Garnache's rash temper, rising anew, tore that last flimsy chance to shreds.

In doing this engines were built of such flimsy construction that they soon went to pieces.

Its flimsy lock broke easily under the pressure, and he sprang inside.

Poor Mrs. Morton was a flimsy woman, without much stamina, mental or bodily.