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Such sores can develop when an infirm person remains in the same position for too long in a bed or wheelchair.

Coronavirus cases and deaths in Virginia, Maryland and the DistrictThe early assumption that the virus would devastate only the elderly and the infirm has unraveled over eight months.

We have great-grandmothers in their nineties, we have parents and in-laws who are in their seventies and medically a little more infirm—it just didn’t make sense to bring lots of people together in the sort of way that we would usually do.

I do not intend to vex or grieve you by any conduct of mine; nor do I mean to leave you, now you are both infirm and old.

In addition there were several buildings devoted to the care of the aged, the infirm, and the sick.

Governmental care of the unemployed, the infant and the infirm, sounds like a chapter in socialism.

When that did not avail, its use was limited to feasts, banquets and sacrifices, and to guests and infirm old age.

It is probable that his infirm health and his isolated position were his protection.

The Commissioners made no proposal that outdoor relief to the aged or impotent (or infirm) should be abolished, or even curtailed.

The seven classes insisted on by the classificatory scheme of the Central Authority were (i.) aged or infirm men; (ii).