Ailing [adjective]

Definition of Ailing:

not feeling well

Synonyms of Ailing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ailing:









Sentence/Example of Ailing:

There was nothing wonderful about that, for Dick had heard quite recently that he was an ailing man, and not likely to live long.

Strange to say it did not take her by surprise; she told me that the girl had been ailing for several years.

He had been ailing for several weeks; as his son had remarked, his handwriting had been the first symptom of the breakdown.

He came home to find his father ailing, and on 2nd December 1469, Piero de' Medici died.

Philosophers and men of letters, when they are ailing, meet with no such pleasant attentions nowadays!

Most all the girls not married are ailing more or less, and about every married woman has her aches and pains.

The child had been ailing for the first time in his life, and she had taken him to the seaside for six weeks.

You were always doing such things, feeding, or giving your clothes to filthy, ailing gaol-birds and whiners.

Your high-spiced wines are not better liked than a red-skin relishes this water; especially when his natur' is ailing.

That is not a pretty message: revise it for me, pray, for I am weary and ailing, and thinking of a sister who is slowly dying.