Well [adjective]

Definition of Well:


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Sentence/Example of Well:

Well, I've got to take the madam and the young folks over to the Casino.

Dal says he asked 'em, and he says they says, 'Well, why not?

"I never saw a philosopher that dressed so well as Plato," said Eudora.

You can just as well get into the hundred million class as not, and I know it.

Well, I'm buying and she's selling, and we'll have that money back.

Headley is a well-reported, God-fearing man, and will do well by thee.

Still he is well spotted, and them freckles mean iron in the blood.

I tell you he's alive and well, only he's lost your money and Pish's and mine and his own.

You may have noticed that night at the Oldakers'—well, women, Mr. Bines, are uncertain.

Well, if you have any business, you may state it at once, as I am quite busy.