Sick [adjective]

Definition of Sick:

not healthy, not feeling well

Opposite/Antonyms of Sick:

Sentence/Example of Sick:

His spirit yearned after his father, and his heart was sick for his forest home.

When I last saw her she was providing for five sick and injured ones.

The flames had been suddenly quenched within him, and he felt cold and sick.

Robin's pale, blank face had a sick look, a deadly smoothness.

Terrible jarrin' to the nerves when folks come in and call on a sick man.

Beside it were bottles, phials, and other appliances of a sick chamber.

I want to call on that sick boy to-morrow if I can arrange it.

But what makes me sick is to have everyone saying you've jilted me.

The sick man was flushed and growing fretful; it would not do to irritate him.

She said to herself that her husband was sick with the enchantments of the Padres, and she must do what she could for him.