Poorly [adjective]

Definition of Poorly:

not well

Synonyms of Poorly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Poorly:



Sentence/Example of Poorly:

For I have seen a letter of his, and indifferently worded, as poorly spelt.

The demand was so sudden and unexpected that it found them poorly prepared to meet it.

But the child who had done so much for him and had been so poorly repaid, was never out of his mind.

Her ladyship had been but poorly, but was better within the last two days.

Needless to say, in all England there is not an estate so poorly kept up.

It might be a year old, but was so small and poorly nourished that its age was hard to guess.

Look how poorly we lived, she and I, on the little income she brought me.

How poorly do we both contrast with the careless, penniless clerk!

For Hutchinson, poorly supported and irresolute, the strain was too great.

"You would think but poorly of my triumphs, Mark," replied Herbert, with a smile.