Sickly [adjective]

Definition of Sickly:

not healthy

Synonyms of Sickly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sickly:

Sentence/Example of Sickly:

The boy was sickly: he might be taken from him ere he had made any true acquaintance with him!

My second child was a girl; but a poor diminutive, sickly thing.

"He's alive then," exclaimed Anthony, pale in the sickly light.

It was now autumn, and the most sickly season I had ever known in Peewawkin.

The face of the latter was a sickly green, the gift of his fright.

What could she do, a woman, with only a sickly boy to help her?

This sally was greeted with sickly smiles by the members who wanted the floor.

They regard it at best as a fantastic weakness, fit only for sickly people.

Christians around us living a sickly, feeble, fruitless life!

The apostrophe to the heroism of the soldiers is sickly and pale.