Gentle [adjective]

Definition of Gentle:

having a mild or kind nature

Opposite/Antonyms of Gentle:

Sentence/Example of Gentle:

Our spacious villa looked directly onto the gentle curve of Polo Beach.

Afterward, you can expect to wash the blanket on your machine’s delicate settings with a gentle detergent.

Be sure to wash your heated vest with cool water with the machine’s gentle setting.

Gorilla Glue told TMZ that rubbing alcohol, a gentle combing and a delicate shampoo would likely be the best solution for Brown.

That gentle evolution gives astronomers a unique opportunity to use TRAPPIST-1 and TOI-178 as testbeds for planetary theory.

His friends and colleagues in the legal community spent Thursday wondering who would want to hurt a person they knew to be a kind, gentle soul with no known enemies.

He resembles a gentle bear, all back and shoulders and a face covered in a thick beard.

Like swallowing hot mouthfuls of nothing that light a candle in the stomach, filling it with a gentle warmth that lingers.

Our previous dog, Charlie, was a sweetheart — gentle, patient, accommodating.

Using this method is a gentler process than using ion heat, a much-needed feature for already damaged hair.