Cruel [adjective]

Definition of Cruel:

vicious, pitiless; causing pain

Opposite/Antonyms of Cruel:

Sentence/Example of Cruel:

That might sound a little cruel, but given his behavior, it’s his just rewards, But on the other hand, I think that it might work to his favor.

The Eighth Amendment forbids “cruel and unusual punishments,” and the Supreme Court has held that this amendment prohibits states from imposing certain punishments on certain individuals.

Beyond these two especially high-profile cases, this term gives the Court an opportunity to reshape the law governing cruel and unusual punishments — and to potentially weaken existing safeguards against such punishments considerably.

A clinician who had grown up in the town reached out to Anna Mueller for help breaking the cruel cycle.

That's the cruel way someone anonymously replied to a family asking for help for their sick child.

And then Jolly Robin would feel ashamed that he had even thought of being so cruel to an infant bird, even if he was a Cowbird.

Through what ages has that declaration, not to be denied, ascended to cold and cruel skies?

His silence had frightened her: what if he should resent on her the cruel words spoken by Dr. Ashton?

There had been cruel misunderstanding on his part somewhere; that misunderstanding must be burned away.

In a thousand trials the cruel witness of Moses has sent innocent women to a painful death.