Feeling [noun]

Definition of Feeling:

sensation, especially of touch

Opposite/Antonyms of Feeling:

Sentence/Example of Feeling:

We wouldn’t get the same feeling at the growth stage versus working with small teams or a single founder.

Economists tend to have mixed feelings about unions, pointing out their inefficiencies and inflexibilities.

Every time, I have this feeling that it’s going to be forever.

When we think about communicating, we tend to think about our own thoughts and feelings rather than how we might be influencing others.

She said if Oracle or any new owner changed TikTok, it would be “big” and could potentially change the organic feeling of community that the app has created.

Oceanside is now distributing community surveys to residents, online and in person, asking for input on desired leadership qualities, their feelings on police engagement and the need for police reform in the department.

I began encouraging everyone to say exactly what they really thought, but with positive intent — not to attack or injure anyone, but to get the feelings, opinions, and feedback out on the table, where they could be dealt with.

So much history and authentic personality lies within these pages that the feeling of Grandma’s pride and joy is nearly palpable.

“But I had to tell you about my feelings for you and how special you are to me,” he said, Potts recalled.

Half the property is set aside in a conservation easement, protecting eight miles of ridgeline and offering guests hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing, and earning it the reputation of feeling like a private national park.