Reaction [noun]

Definition of Reaction:


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Sentence/Example of Reaction:

The business world reflects the disturbance of war's reaction.

Her eyes were blazing with an anger the more fierce in that some of it was reaction.

I found him under the influence of that reaction which follows the effort of crime.

I was sure only that they had been through an ordeal and were feeling the reaction.

Then it was that the reaction in favour of Narcisse set in; the boulevards could not stand this.

Such is the magical action and reaction of minds upon each other.

He himself would have told you he was simply the reaction from his mother.

We must now glance at the forces of reaction, the recoil to fact.

It was really the reaction from that effort that sent Hermione from the island that evening.

The reaction, indeed, was restrained; but so also was the movement of reform.