Lip [noun]

Definition of Lip:

edge, brink

Synonyms of Lip:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lip:

Sentence/Example of Lip:

The musician blew into the broken tip, or apex, of the shell and vibrated his lips as if he were playing a trumpet or trombone.

The lone crew member waved us forward with a cigarette between his lips, and 10 minutes later, Loni Jo pushed off the banks with just four other cars on board.

While the prints and photographs in the Washington Printmakers Gallery exhibition are energized by the hot hue, not every artist can render fresh such familiar embodiments of redness as a rose, a firetruck or a pair of lips.

Doing so makes the speaker larger and easier for people to see and read their lips.

Given that he had already moved his ball, though, the official he called over was left to feel around the spot where Reed said it landed and confirm that there did appear to be “a lip,” which would indicate broken ground.

She penciled in a light mustache and spoke through pursed lips and the corner of her mouth, sounding like the TV host Ed Sullivan.

The scar you notice first when you meet me is on my upper lip.

The buzz around Green Common is another sign that China is on the cusp of a plant-based-protein revolution that has investors as well as diners licking their lips.

There’s another one, which is primarily a raising of the upper lip, and that overlaps a little with the anger expression.

Langley said he received four stitches at George Washington University Hospital to close a cut on his lip.