Labrum [noun]

Definition of Labrum:

edge, brink

Synonyms of Labrum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Labrum:

Sentence/Example of Labrum:

A torn labrum in her hip made her realize pro ball might not be in her future, but she couldn’t bear to leave the game behind.

Once in, grasping structures called mandibles hold the host’s tissues apart while the largest of the stylets, the labrum, starts probing around.

Labrum semicirculare margine antico integro rotundato ciliato.

Labrum transverso-quadratum antice submembranaceum tomentosum subemarginatum.

A corneous piece which covers the instruments of suction above, representing the Labrum in a perfect mouth.

A small valve under the Labrum, that in many Hymenoptera closes the Pharynx, and is an appendage of its upper margin.

It includes all the parts that lie between its junction with the Prothorax and the Labrum: viz.

Yet this labrum is a large marble vessel seven feet in diameter.

On the internal surface, there is sometimes a row (t) of very short little spines, which overhang the crest of the labrum.

Mouth: labrum with four or six minute teeth: mandibles with five graduated teeth; inferior point more or less spinose.