Rim [noun]

Definition of Rim:

border; top edge

Synonyms of Rim:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rim:

Sentence/Example of Rim:

The ball of red fire in the west was half below the rim of the distant peak.

And almost immediately the rim of the sun showed above the horizon.

We stood now on the rim of the crater, looking straight into the inferno.

The laboratory was on the Northern rim of the field, a ten-minute drive from the auditorium.

In another moment they were riding rapidly toward the rim of the crater.

He pressed on up to the rim of the crater and lost no time in the descent on the other side.

He could see a rim of it, like a flat ring some ten feet beneath him.

His hands were very white and soft, and the rim of linen above them was dazzling.

Then a vivid blue flame licked all about the rim of the world and was gone.

Beasley leered over the rim of his glass as he drank his whisky.