Terminus [noun]

Definition of Terminus:


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Sentence/Example of Terminus:

It went up and down all day, for Amber Guiting was the terminus.

It was from Canon Farlow, and had been despatched at the London terminus.

At length the train slowed down and entered383 the terminus at Rome.

The visible creation is the terminus or the circumference of the invisible world.

Here was to be the terminus of the steamship line from San Francisco.

They will argue, 'We did not notice that it was verse, and we know nothing about Terminus.'

There is my defence on Terminus, or better say on hair-splitting.

Terminus was the god who presided over all boundaries and landmarks.

This was the terminus of the road during the fall of 1866 and up to June 1867.

We were a wet lot when we reached the terminus of the flume.