Termination [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Termination:

I followed him about while he arranged for the termination of the day's activities.

If the tops be an inch wide, it will form a good beginning and termination.

Then they may classify adverbs on the principle of their meaning, or according to their termination.

This state and its termination are clearly set forth by Paul.

Fimbria: thick, ciliated hair at the termination of any part: fringes.

It is sudden in its attacks, and often fatal in its termination.

The termination uba is that of the third person of reflexive verbs.

But it is over now, for, as there is an end of joy, so has affliction its termination.

Hitherto he had not reaped any of the fruits of the termination of his minority.

My career has been productive of too little happiness to make me regret its termination.