Outcome [noun]

Definition of Outcome:

consequence, effect

Synonyms of Outcome:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outcome:

Sentence/Example of Outcome:

In its poor degree let its outcome be in truth and friendliness.

Aggie sniffed, as if such an outcome were the merest bagatelle.

The outcome of that objective vision was Hamlet—a masterpiece of self-revealing.

His speaking telegraph was likewise the outcome of these researches.

Is that consolatory view of the matter the outcome of philosophy, or of virtue?

This thought, the outcome of his human charity, filled Pierre with emotion.

But at the end he assured his visitors that time only could prove what the outcome might be.

I would not ascribe to nature what is merely the outcome of my own moral views.

I then recalled my promise to inform Hellar and Zimmern of the outcome of my demonstration.

This institution is, by the way, not the outcome of Buddha's doctrines.