Result [noun]

Definition of Result:

effect brought about by something

Opposite/Antonyms of Result:

Sentence/Example of Result:

But the result was achieved only at a cost which the little party could ill sustain.

As a result the grain in the Egyptian markets had greatly increased in value.

This is a record and result that no careful student of our history will, I take it, deny.

It is not the name of the action, but the result of the action, which is the chief concern.

As one result of this, our Navy ranks larger, in comparison, than it ever did before.

She then went on to read the result of the balloting for the other three officers.

This was known before the election, so that the result was confidently predicted.

The result is this, that I am fitter for this world than you; you for the next than me:—that is the difference.

If he were allowed to stretch out after the mare, what would the result be?

And the result was that you changed from a boy into a man, and a free man.