Outgrowth [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Outgrowth:

Men would fain have a revival as the outgrowth of their agencies and progress.

This pamphlet and the project it presents is an outgrowth of that experience.

His affection for her had, indeed, been merely the outgrowth of life-long intimacy.

The parable is the outgrowth of the events immediately preceding it.

Colorado was the outgrowth of the great financial crisis of 1857.

It is an outgrowth and culmination of instincts, a fusion of them into a new product.

A title is apt if it is an outgrowth of the plot—a text, as I have said.

Finally, modern systems of education are the outgrowth of the experiences of the past.

Divisions are the outgrowth of carnality and not of the Spirit of God.

Nor was it the outgrowth of any morbid or sentimental emotion.