Process [noun]

Definition of Process:

method; series of actions to achieve result

Synonyms of Process:

Opposite/Antonyms of Process:

Sentence/Example of Process:

In the course of this process he fell into adventures, some of them, perhaps, unedifying.

This process is performed by girls, with the aid of what is called a “bob” or “glazer.”

Proceed with the remainder of the process as in canning peaches.

Many, indeed, affirmed that the process was already near its consummation.

Now, only 15,000 tons are made per annum by Leblanc's process.

If he is wicked and she can sort of make him over, like an old dress, she revels in the process.

What logic, what process of argument secures you against this supposition?

Is this patent of yours on a process of making gas from crude oil?

Hereupon ensued a process of thought in the mind of the knight.

In process of time the girl's work was discovered—discovered by Judith.