Proceeding [noun]

Definition of Proceeding:

undertaking, course of action

Synonyms of Proceeding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proceeding:

Sentence/Example of Proceeding:

The irregularity of the proceeding was unnoticed in the tense excitement.

Such a proceeding was not unlikely; it was not, however, the one she adopted.

Had he the authority of his Sicilian majesty for proceeding as he did?

This is not an honourable way of proceeding in Mr. Lovelace.

He was proceeding in this learned manner, when a mighty noise interrupted him.

Nicholas hemmed once or twice, and seemed to have some difficulty in proceeding.

In this mode of proceeding there was certainly a source of frequent error.

The effects of this proceeding upon Shelley may be easily imagined.

However, he indicated the field which should be explored, and the best way of proceeding.

Meantime, Tom was proceeding in a clear, soft, far-reaching voice.