Move [noun]

Definition of Move:

progress, deed

Synonyms of Move:

Opposite/Antonyms of Move:

Sentence/Example of Move:

She looked up at him with an amused little smile, but did not move.

As it was just dark we thought it best to move on a few miles, which we did after dark.

But as Philip obeyed her words, he saw her move suddenly and stand by Emilia's side.

And a power outside his own will made Andrew move his hand to meet it.

He tried every means of whiling away the time, but it never had seemed to move so slow.

But, though his host suggested this, Andrew refused to move his blankets.

Thus the fortress must be taken before a gun or a waggon could move.

All the despair in Dick's face, though it wrung his heart, could not move him.

We shall have to employ two men to move the heavy furniture.

That's why he pulled up his hoss and waited for Allister to make the first move for his gun.