Failure [noun]

Definition of Failure:

lack of success

Opposite/Antonyms of Failure:

Sentence/Example of Failure:

Each of these failures compounded and led to the current US death toll — and local and state governments, as hard as some tried, simply don’t have the resources to fight a pandemic on their own as the federal government flails.

As recently as 2017, the federal Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement issued a report outlining continuing failures by the state to police water pollution by coal companies.

I wish I would have gotten that memo or a fax perhaps in the ’90s, but on the other side of it, I don’t even know how many hours, hundreds of hours, of therapy and public failures later.

But, I mean, if I worked at Netflix, I might think, “Well, maybe I will get fired if it’s a big enough failure, if I actually screw up enough.”

The heart can recover from myocarditis, but in rare cases, the condition can damage the heart muscle enough to lead to heart failure.

All of these fires come from a legacy of long-term fire suppression, failures of forest management, and a lack of adequate funding.

Some of the most well-known scientific facts follow a trail of failures.

If a company’s prevalence metric rose above a preset threshold, Facebook suggests, that company “might be subject to greater oversight, specific improvement plans, or—in the case of repeated systematic failures—fines.”

It’s so easy to waste energy worrying unproductively about our failures, when you could be redirecting that energy to making meaningful positive impact.

Be equally comfortable with success and failure and never stop learning from either one.