Deficit [noun]

Definition of Deficit:

shortage of something needed, required

Synonyms of Deficit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deficit:

Sentence/Example of Deficit:

It’s also a country with a more quickly increasing deficit, given the extent to which blue states often pay more in taxes than they receive in services.

A few days ago I wrote down a few notes making a bullish case for Palantir, searching to find good news amidst the company’s huge historical deficits.

There is no indication, however, that southpaws produce superior movement, even partially, to offset their velocity deficit.

The Federal Reserve has agreed with Democrats now is not the time to worry about the federal deficit if we are to see our economy recover once the pandemic has eased.

It should not be overlooked that the housing component of Complete Communities, which encourages higher density in park-deficient urban communities, only exacerbates the deficit.

That nearly 3-point edge has become a nearly 5-point deficit since then.

India has complained about China’s trade practices, pointing to a growing trade deficit with its northern neighbour, as well as Beijing’s alleged attempts to influence the policies of smaller states such as Nepal.

It is dedicated to the Treasury, which uses it typically for deficit reduction.

Any delay in covering such deficit shall be subject to such charge as the Federal Reserve Board may impose.

The purchaser bought supposing that there was no such deficit, but perhaps a small one, what would a court do?