Lack [noun]

Definition of Lack:

deficiency, need

Opposite/Antonyms of Lack:

Sentence/Example of Lack:

This resulted in campaigns that were under-funded, chasing search volume that simply did not exist, and a general lack of evergreen brand paid search.

The lack of games also gives more practice time to Jakub Vrana, who came off the covid-19 list Tuesday.

While one of his Republican rivals has spent 30 years in the legislature, and two others have personal fortunes that will allow them to self-fund, Doran touts his lack of experience and wealth as assets.

Solutions exist, but they must be implementedTo address the internet gap, we believe that policymakers must identify lack of internet access as a barrier and protect against its effects.

This isn’t because these geese chose to go there, but rather because they’re forced to occupy these areas, thanks to a lack of habitat and booming human populations.

We were surprised at the lack of urgency, and the lack of people that were willing to get it.

That’s a sign that those starfish might have died from a lack of oxygen, too.

Amazon and Roku have become more aggressive when negotiating CTV distribution deals with media companies seemingly because they recognize how a streamer’s lack of availability on their platforms can curtal viewership and revenue.

Even more puzzling is the film’s lack of engagement with the economic realities that drive influencer culture, despite the many openings the subjects give Bilton for that kind of analysis.

The lack of basic service like access to transportation and day care increase the obstacles to making a clean escape.