Meagerness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Meagerness:

Meagerness of information; qualities of commander to be relied upon.

The peculiar characteristic of the child's vocabulary is its meagerness.

It was evident that the trio were disappointed in the meagerness of his story.

There was no reason now why he should continue the meagerness of their present life.

The meagerness of their clothing is one of the tokens of their sanctity.

Its esthetic bareness had affected her like the meagerness of poverty.

No apology is offered for its meagerness or fragmentary character.

The meagerness and triteness of the music and piece astonished me.

The outstanding notes of his boyhood had been poverty and meagerness.

What is here said of the plan of the Acts explains still more strikingly the meagerness of the record of the third journey.