Scarcity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Scarcity:

The stairs also were pulled down and burned, though there was no scarcity of firing.

There was both a scarcity of cash and a lack of faith in the enterprise.

The second reason is, That in this colony a scarcity is never to be apprehended.

There was no scarcity of muskets and ammunition; all they had to do was stoop and pick them up.

No scarcity of fun in Ireland—which beats the world for sparkling incident.

"Well, maybe an odd one now and then," said Darby, half apologizing for the scarcity.

Do you think the present scarcity of food will continue long?

On the farms much of the crop was lost on account of the scarcity of labor.

Even that had to be sparingly used on account of the scarcity of water.

But the present scarcity of man may be said to have been somewhat above the average.