Dearth [noun]

Definition of Dearth:

insufficiency, scarcity

Synonyms of Dearth:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dearth:

Sentence/Example of Dearth:

While the national team has a wealth of attacking players, many of whom are performing at high levels in Europe, there is a dearth of strikers.

President Barack Obama’s Administration inherited this unfortunate state of affairs, but the public bristled at the dearth of criminal convictions for high-level corporate executives in the wake of that financial crisis.

So steady has Beekman been this season that he has started seven games despite a dearth of experience at the college level.

As a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, helping pregnant people navigate this dearth of research was part of Parchem’s job even before the pandemic.

I have friends who complain daily about the dearth of available dating options.

The recent dearth of new public-domain works came about because of a decision by Congress in 1998 to extend copyright protection from 75 years to 95 years.

The dearth of available players on the back end compelled the Hokies to guard against the deep ball rather than stack the line of scrimmage to stop the run.

There are opportunities, however, for media companies to get around the dearth of data.

With postal delays, rejected ballots and a dearth of funding, the process isn’t always smooth — ballots can be rejected for multiple reasons, and due to court challenges election rules are changing even while voting is underway.

It’s not surprising, given the relative dearth of women in senior financial positions in banking and the venture industry.