Want [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Want:

People can talk all they want to about your bein' just a dub—I won't believe 'em.

I want him to think he ain't got a friend on earth but himself.

"I suppose you want to be taken back," said the superintendent, abruptly.

Why should you want to see me do well, after our little affair?

Just sit around and talk wise about me all you want to, but watch.

Then there came upon him to reinforce this want a burning sense of defeat.

Rain, which we were much in want of, fell lightly most of the day.

Whole tribes and clans were wiped out by hunger and cold and want.

She simply lived by her wits, and perhaps by some want of that article in her male friends.

We did not want them, and were just as well pleased they did not come on.