Demand [noun]

Definition of Demand:

question, request

Opposite/Antonyms of Demand:

Sentence/Example of Demand:

For two years she has eschewed demands for a Medicare for All vote that centrist worried would repel swing voters in their GOP-leaning districts.

The film, which was supposed to be in theaters earlier this year, is coming out via video-on-demand on Friday as the coronavirus pandemic continues to upend theatrical release schedules.

Similarly, Barr is often accused of undermining core Justice Department norms, particularly with his interventions in the Roger Stone and Michael Flynn cases and in his demand for an investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation.

Oil demand is in a slump and it won’t recover any time soon.

That leaves them reliant on portable air filtration devices, which are often effective but can also be hard to find right now due to coronavirus-driven demand.

In some states you can submit your request up until a few days before the election, but with demand for mail-in voting expected to surge, that doesn’t mean you should.

Computing power and storage could be increased and reduced on demand.

While they do protect some entrenched and vulnerable communities, the laws also satisfy the demand of wealthier homeowners who still want to be able to buy insurance.

By choosing Oracle as a “trusted tech partner” rather than a buyer, TikTok might have found an arrangement that satisfies the demands of both.

Local social service agencies say that demand for assistance, from rent subsidies to pet food, has spiked.