Search [noun]

Definition of Search:

seeking to find something

Synonyms of Search:

Opposite/Antonyms of Search:

Sentence/Example of Search:

Since he went to Salamis in search of you, I have not seen him until late this evening.

It was thus Billy Brue found him at the end of his second day's search.

He began to think busily, and finally resolved to go to the island and search for him.

The History of Man is the record of a hungry creature in search of food.

The first place to search, of course, was the home of the old people.

I intend going with Windich to-morrow easterly in search of water.

Early this morning Windich and I went in search of more water.

My brother and Pierre went on a flying trip to the South-East in search of water.

But much as he yearned to do so, he dared not search the wall.

"I'll come," said he, disappearing in search of cap and gloves.