Inquiry [noun]

Definition of Inquiry:

asking; looking into

Opposite/Antonyms of Inquiry:

Sentence/Example of Inquiry:

Testimony from Binam and other detainees at Irwin will likely be critical to those inquiries.

Democrats cast the probe as a politically driven inquiry to try to damage the party’s presidential nominee.

The governor’s office did not immediately respond to ProPublica’s questions about the inquiry.

Responding to an inquiry from Fortune, the Korean electronics company said it’s waiting for the results of ongoing tests before discussing the topic.

It’s possible, as Barrios’ campaign insisted, that prosecutors have dropped their inquiry since then.

In the last two months, the brand consultancy has seen a significant uptick in inquiries, nearly “a year’s worth,” per Welch, to help brands and agencies with strategic work as well as diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The House Ethics Committee launched an investigation, and in November 2019 we learned that the Justice Department had opened a criminal inquiry.

An inquiry to Newsom’s office about the status of the proposal was forwarded to the California Department of Public Health, which said no decision has been made.

We know that our buyers will typically be in the consideration phase much longer than a B2C consumer and they are more likely to explore the whole market before committing to a purchase, or even an inquiry.

Now, Chicago is home to many great institutions, but perhaps our favorite is the University of Chicago, a true hotbed of intellectual curiosity and inquiry.