Analysis [noun]

Definition of Analysis:

examination and determination

Synonyms of Analysis:

Opposite/Antonyms of Analysis:

Sentence/Example of Analysis:

Sediment analyses suggest ancient people reached the lake during a dry stretch when the region’s rivers and lakes were shrinking.

The robot lives inside the silo and dives into its contents when it’s time to offer analysis.

That rate charged is unusually high for a rental home in the area, according to an analysis of local real estate listings.

O’Brien, appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that Sunday, offered a starkly different public analysis than the one he had shared privately with the president just days earlier.

For this analysis, we’ll study the ten highest-market-cap tech companies in the Nasdaq 100.

Every analysis shows the tax increase would fall on the richest Americans.

Nearly 4,500 tweets containing identical content that were identified in the analysis probably represent a fraction of the overall output.

They quickly formed Snowflake and recruited Marcin Zukowski, a brilliant developer who had invented a new way to process database analysis requests.

Roughly 200 employees, about half the investment staff, work with clients, and the firm publishes a newsletter with market analysis.

An analysis of census tract-level unemployment published by The New York Times estimates that Slavic Village saw between 20% and 30% unemployment in June.