Unification [noun]

Definition of Unification:

joining together

Synonyms of Unification:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unification:

Sentence/Example of Unification:

Since the unification of Italy the railways have been readjusted to the needs of commerce.

It was not through the process of Burgundian unification that Belgium became a nation.

What was the vital force that brought about this cultural evolution and unification?

We have seen that it has a value where it is an aid to unification.

For fusion and unification are part of the historic life-process.

The unification of the peninsula was left to be accomplished by the Conservatives.

In the meantime the unification of Germany had progressed rapidly.

The difficulties in the way of Italian unification were manifold.

Menes was the king who succeeded in accomplishing the unification of Egypt.

It is not the body that is dissolved, it is the unification of its parts.