Coupling [noun]

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The natural result was that anything further than unison coupling was seldom attempted.

The hose coupling makes it easy to connect the motor directly to the water faucet.

The end of the coupling having the small hole was slipped on the pump shaft and fastened with two setscrews.

The motor shaft being a little loose in the coupling, gave it a chance to work free without binding.

One end is provided with a regular coupling for connecting it to the line of good hose.

The main part or stake is made of a piece of gas pipe, on one end of which is turned an ordinary coupling, Fig. 1.

If the pipe cannot be spread that much, a right and left coupling cannot be used.

Now the stock will slip over the coupling and the thread can be cut.

The right and left coupling is the only fitting that will cause the beginner trouble.

At least four threads should be allowed at this end of the coupling.