Linking [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Linking:

Eloise nodded and held fast to the relics of a past which in this way was linking itself to the present.

In pos t-primary schools there is at present no official system of linking the home and school in the investigation of problems.

The extent, too, to which they operated in linking class to class was very great.

At my gasp she went on, confidentially, linking her arm in mine.

Anne smiled mysteriously, and linking arms with Madge, drew her toward the house.

By linking up all the tribes from central Natal right to the north of Zululand, a sweep downward could be made.

To-morrow youll be thanking God from the bottom of your heart, I said, linking my arm under his.

They had contragravity scows plying between Rivington and Tradetown regularly, now, and air-lorries were linking the villages.

"Somehow it's a bit tough to get this linking-up idea just when I can't do any more studying," added the boy a trifle wistfully.

If he had understood the linking process a little better, it would perhaps have added to the interest of his work.