Joining [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Joining:

On joining the earl, father and son met as if they had parted only the previous day.

He made the practice common in England, and the Austin Company adopted it on his joining them in this country.

The exercise of confessing the name of God, corresponds to that of joining to him in a perpetual covenant.

Hence, we leave him at this point, joining heartily in the best wishes and the compliments bestowed upon him by his friends.

He had laid in huge supplies, and built a bridge of wood two leagues long joining Haarburg and Hamburg.

Ere joining the "Friends," she had been induced to give up, not only writing fiction, but reading it also.

Perhapsand good-night, she softly said, leaving his arm and joining her friends, who accompanied her to the carriage.

Mr. Punch takes this opportunity of joining in the demonstration, and drinks to Sir Henry Irving.

This had sent Fire Bear's stock soaring and had gained many recruits for his camp—even some of the older Indians joining.

In the evening he chose several which were sung, though feebleness prevented him from joining the singing.